Are you organizing a community event or a large athletic event? Will you know what to do when someone becomes overheated, scrapes their knee, breaks an arm or goes into cardiac arrest?  With AAA Safety Training’s First Aid Station Team (FAST) on the scene, you won’t have to worry about basic medical care.

Our teams provide:

  • Profesional First Aid, CPR and AED techniques
  • A wide-range of basic First Aid supplies
  • An AED for victims of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Oxygen administration
  • Blood pressure checks
  • On-Site Ambulance available now!

Every event needs safety coverage.

AAA Safety provides First Aid and Medical Standby Coverage for all sorts of events. AAA Safety provides a full range of coverage services from a pair of First Aiders equipped with First Aid kits to fully equipped Emergency Ambulance Vehicles with Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.

Our Planning and Operations Team will work together with the organizers for safe, sufficient and cost-effective medical cover for the event.

Let’s make your event a safe and successful one!

We offer on-site:

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment
  • Stabilization of patients

We also offer on-site certification Training courses in all Basic Life Support at event if requested

  • All Medics have a current certification. All Medics have liability insurance and are sub-contractors to AAA Safety Training Inc. training and service. We have a one million dollar liability insurance policy.Some of the equipment, available for each event, will be First aid supplies (bandaging, splinting, etc.), backboards, an AED, oxygen, and other respiratory adjuncts. A Pop-up tent, table, chairs, and FIRST AID sign.
    The event organizer will receive written summaries of aid provided by EMT’s at their event. They will also receive a written report on all major injuries, illness, or any (even minor) injury on event equipment, that are reported to our EMT’s. Organizer may also request reports for any other incidents.Some of the factors in determining the number of EMT’s needed for an event are the size of the event area (walking distance), any hazards in event area, the activity of the event guest, and the attendance.Some events need surveying in advance to determine the number of EMT’s and equipment needed. There is no charge for this service.

AAA Safety employs personnel who are certified or licensed by the State of Texas in their respective fields.

Associates have a cumulative total of over 100 years experience in:

  • Organization and direction of emergency services at large public gatherings
  • Paid and volunteer provision of prehospital emergency care
  • EMS consultation in both the private and public sectors
  • Establishment of corporate First Responder teams
  • CPR, First Aid and EMS training at the basic and advanced levels
  • Providing services for athletic events ranging from football to swimming events.
  • Also providing for formal events ranging from company picnics to musical events at both private venues and stadium facilities


Bike medic capabilities are offered.

AAA Safety is a certified provider of Basic and Advanced Life Support medical support for any event in a variety of ways.

Dedicated Ambulance- Upon request we can provide a dedicated ambulance staffed with two providers at either the Basic or Advanced Life Support level.

Squad- Upon request we can provide a dedicate EMS Squad staffed with one medical provider at the Basic or Advanced life support Level.

Bike Team- AAAST Inc. also operates an Advanced Life Support Level bicycle team. We have found the bike team to be beneficial at events that are accessible by foot traffic only. It allows for rapid response of medical providers in areas where the movement of vehicles is difficult.

Because of the size and duration of some events establishing a First Aid area/Medical Command Post may be necessary. The public has come to expect a certain amount of onsite medical care at large outdoor events. This includes such things as Sunscreen, Band-Aids, over the counter medications an so on. We are happy to provide these services upon request

Today there is strong need to prevent potential liability as well as a need for positive public relations. That is why AAA Safety Training Inc. was created. Your business is unique, often with higher than normal liability risk exposure. We can meet the needs of any special event, from 20 people to 60,000+ using skilled medical professionals. We offer several types of medical teams to meet the exact needs of your event. We can help you evaluate your individual needs in order to provide you with professional, quality, and cost-effective, on-site care.

EMS Event Standby

We offer EMT standby coverage at all events and gatherings and we have the equipment for any BLS emergency including defibrillators. We also offer “wellness stations” for blood pressure and glucose testing and more. AAA Safety Training is a certified non-transporting unit in the State of Texas. You can have that added piece of mind knowing that you have everything covered at your event, including medical emergencies.  We can set up a first aid tent, provide a golf cart(s) and bikes for rapid response at large events and can supply radio communications to facilitate a rapid response. Call us for our hourly rate. To Request us to staff your event call us or email (link to request for information box. We will respond as soon as possible.